The Savoy


Closed for nearly three years during one of the most ambitious restorations of an iconic London landmark, The Savoy, located on the Strand is due to re-open on October 10th 2010. The project includes the total upgrading of the famous destination’s amenities including the installation of high performance heating and hot water systems featuring equipment from Stokvis Energy Systems.

The listed location is managed by Fairmont Hotel & Resorts, the rebuilding contract has been led by the Chorus Group, in conjunction with Reardon Smith Architects and internationally renowned designer Pierre-Yves-Rochon.

Evolve Energy has undertaken the role of both M&E consultant and contractor, specifying the use of Stokvis R3406 boilers, along with the manufacturer’s Econoplate plate heat exchangers, buffer vessels and other equipment.

Evolve’s site management team stated:

Our purchasing department had looked at a number of options before we got involved with the work at The Savoy, but basically we decided to proceed on the basis of their performance figures and what we were shown in other hotels across London. The ultra reliable delivery of hot water thanks to the plate heat exchangers and the boilers together was a key issue.

In total four of the R3400 range boilers have been installed in the basement plant room, while a trio of plate heat exchangers and buffer vessels will ensure that the 268 guest bedrooms, suites and other facilities never run short of hot water.

The Savoy’s reopening will reveal a number of notable highlights including the complete remodel of the legendary River Restaurant, the addition of a luxurious new two bedroom Royal Suite and the relaunch of 38 River Suites and Guestrooms with stunning views over the River Thames.

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