Solar Thermal Systems

Stokvis provides the necessary major components required for a Solar Thermal System.

The Ecotube is an advanced direct flow, glass, evacuated tube solar collector which can be mounted directly on a flat roof, a vertical wall or pitched roof. The individual tubes can be rotated so that the absorber is angled toward the sun without the need to use a separate “A” frame to angle the whole panel.

In addition we supply suitably matched single or twin coil cylinders which can work alongside existing hot water equipment including our own Econoplate units.

Anciliaries available

Solar Pump stations

Solar Controls


Heat Dumps

Single and twin coil cylinders

Solar Thermal
Solar Thermal Systems
Solar Thermal System

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This PDF Sales Brochure covers : Features & Benefits of the NEW HIU, along with the Technical Data, Schematics & Dimensions that you need to select the correct model.

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